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Wirkstoffe aus der Tiefe - Packagingdesign for natural cosmetic

Moor is probably one of the oldest natural remedy at all. It is the end product of a origination process which lasts thousands of years. Already in the Middle Ages the "black earth" has been used to support the healing process and to disinfect wounds and skin. In 1894 it was recognized that the moor in Bad Feilnbach was of particularly high quality. In this little village at the edge of the Wendelstein mountain, my grandfather was operating the Torfwerk Feilnbach since 1934. Deep in the forest, moor is still being exploited and delivered to health clinics for curing purposes and moor baths. Castle Neuhaus Güldenmoor, a major customer of Torfwerk Feilnbach, engages in the production of moor products since 1948. My aunt now plans to sell these products independently. In the course of my bachelor thesis I created the packaging design as well as the corporate design for these moor products.