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How do you become who you are?

The understanding of our inner self is extraordinary and calls for a lot of guts to see the results as honestly and truly. "Why am I the person I am? The exhibition displays on an area of 30m2 the process of how a human being is shaped. The exhibition is graphically arrayed in following subtopics "Before Birth", "Imparting of values", "Cosmos Family", "Immediate & oblique environment" and "Lifechanging experiences". The observer gets the opportunity to reflect his own subjective view of this process without being judged or declared for wrong. The collection of graphic elements, objects & a movie are not only for teaching purpose, they should also move the observer with his own personal view to the center of the exhibition. In contrast to a perfectly computer-based presentation this exhibition is alive due to its faults and imperfection, like a cellotape which was placed by hand.