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The Jungle – Homeless in America

“The Jungle – Homeless in America” is a photo documentary by Aljoscha Gleser. In spring 2014 he spent two months living in a homeless camp in San José. The Jungle, as its residents fondly call their camp, has become a refuge for the unemployed, pensioners and other social outcasts who have fallen through social security nets, lacking prospects for their future. Only a few miles away from IT pioneers such as Apple, Facebook and Google, the camp highlights the extent of social disparity. Hundreds of people in the camp live in conditions similar to those of slums in Mumbai or Mexico City, replete with desperation, depres-sion and drug abuse. This book is a portrait of 15 residents of The Jungle, whose life stories couldn’t be more different. However, due to nothing other than random circumstance, all have ended up here in The Jungle.