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The Commuter

In cooperation with some Brands, i developed a folding pedelec for the urban area, meeting the needs of employees who are using their bike to go to work. Under the slogan „Keep it simple, stupid“ I started to rethink the bike itself, the folding mechanism and more important the question: how much folding is useful? An easier folding process is one of the biggest goals. A user must be able to fold it while walking to the public services. Especially if you are in a hurry. With only one easy move, the strong mechanism lets the fork swing into the bikeframe. The user does not get in contact with the dirty parts of the bike. The constructions of the bike allows the saddel to act as a handle when folded. This makes it much easier to carry the bike. To get a feeling for the size of the bike and the driving experience, I built a prototype of my developed geometry out of Bamboo.