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*TBLITC – The Brightest Lights In The Chandelier

You are lying in bed, half-awake, waiting for the alarm to ring. Suddenly it hits you! A beautiful sentence, a melody or the solution to some long forgotten problem […] That is about how inspiration works […] It holds true that: Inspiration has no distinct agent, it is an anonymous cosmic postman, who rings at unpredictable times.(Goldt, 2012) Inspiration is a buzzword and a mystery, it is elusive and hardly ever can it be provoked, or can it? In her bachelor thesis, Nadja Mair traces the essence of inspiration. She investigates and documents the possibility and manner of how inspiration can work within a group of people and strengthen its cohesion. In a society that is beginning to understand that a strong community can make a better world, it is natural for people to join up and make use of their talents.