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TAF – Agile Development and Design Management

TAF Agile Framework addresses the challenge of providing a methods framework for agile mechatronic product development. It aims to reduce uncertainty towards the product within minimum time and resources by taking a holistic, interdisciplinary perspective on the product and iteratively increases knowledge by applying the scientific method to the domains of desirability, feasibility and viability. It crystallizes this knowledge by building prototypes and artifacts to disseminate it quickly throughout large teams. It integrates best practices from traditional mechatronic development (e.g. Munich Procedural Model) with methods inspired by lean startup, scrum and design thinking. It coordinates cross-functional teams and helps to identify critical functions in order to build the right things before building them right. [Rafael Hostettler, Annette Böhmer, Udo Lindemann, Alois Knoll, 2017]