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Sarajevo - Na Kraju Svijeta (The End of the World)

„What are you doing here, this is the end of the world“ a young woman asks me. It´s the end of September, and i´m sitting in the train from Sarajevo to Zagreb, on my way back to Munich. But why going to Sarajevo of all places ? You can travel on the other side of the globe within 24 hours, and you´re still in the so called "western world". Sarajevo is a city of contrasts, where Orient meets Occident. Almost 20 years after war, the associations related with Sarajevo are still negative mostly. Meanwhile neighbouring country Croatia is part of the European Union, which seems beyond reach for Bosnia & Herzegowina within foreseeable future. What it´s like in this country, which is so close to the centre of Europe, but still a blank spot on the map for many west european people ?