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MENSCHENFREUNDE - portraits of political stand-up comedians

A table, a chair and a drink are the typical and often the only requirements of a political stand-up comedian on stage. This three elements are the only props that set up the stage for these photos. The surface of the table can be inclined and the camera has to adjust to that position. Everyone has to answer the question: "How do I react to this piece of furniture?" The protagonist will try to find a comfortable position. This process allows time to observe. Usually these comedians are solitary fighters but it happens that they might team up for a duo or work with a band. Each one has his own themes, his own way, many come from a different background before deciding to perform. Their purpose is to inform, to express their anger, to enlighten or entertain. This is just a personal selection of this particular shade of theatre entitled "MENSCHENFREUNDE", "friend of man".