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luxury and porcelain

The bachelor thesis is looking at "luxury and porcelain", their beginnings and developements and also at their different interpretations. A porcelain dagger is the result of the practical work. It should not work as a weapon but as a special heirloom of a family. Former it was very common that a father hands down special daggers or swords to his son. The names of the dead ancestors will be stamed into brown leather stripes, which will be sewed around the haft of the dagger afterwards. So they create a lasting memory on dead family members and form emotions at the owner. This are emotions which embody an ideally worth. The dagger is an innovative product of luxury. On the one hand it`s luxury concerning to its material, on the other hand it implicates an immaterial exclusiveness which is able to increase within the time and also with the transfer to the next generations.