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Bringing content to life. Design discourse in historical context of the department of Design

In 2018, the redeveloped brick building, the former arsenal of the Bavarian Army from the 19th century, assumes the role of a new blacksmith for design education. My work takes the upcoming exhibition as a concrete occasion. An exhibition concept emerged in the real context, which develops from an intensive examination of the history of the faculty of design. Supported by components such as modularity, multimedia and heterogeneity in design, the scenographic concept visually integrates the warlike, originating from the former building function and its parallels with design, as a connecting element. Design as a cultural weapon in the sense of a tool - as W. Vossenkuhl thematizes - can provide peaceful solutions to problems with their means. At the same time, design has the power to break up old structures and start something new. Building visualizations and plans by courtesy of staab Ar