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Ding 2 - things on the road

Are roadtrips romantic? Are souvenir shirts embarrassing? What does the junior woodchucks guidebook and a swiss army knife have in common? Which things do we love and hate while travelling? Which do we encounter on the road and which we like to bring back home? These are the kinds of questions pursued in DING magazine, through essays, reports, photography and illustration. Each section is dedicated to one object, and presents a favourite thing, a memory thing, an in-between thing, an ego thing and an outrageous thing taken from the world of travel. You get to know about essentials during an alp summer, the belongings of a modern nomad and the loving collection of a well-travelled astrophysicist. You also gain insights into the white world of Rainer Langhans, a traveller towards an immaterial world and many more. The second THING is ready, take it travelling!