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The Ambivalence of Inquietude

Based on the book “The Inquietude of the World” by Ralf Konersmann, this photographic work deals with the topic of restlessness as well as with the question of why our relationship to it is rather ambivalent: Inquietude is a flawed term. Our experience with it is the deformation of ourselves. Through ever faster work processes and high expectations, we feel rushed and under pressure. We are driven by our own desires and dreams and we already know, even before we've fulfilled them, that there will arise new wishes and dreams very soon. At the same time inquietude is the reason why we're stimulated. It is the curiosity and the thirst for adventure, which bustles us from one attraction to the next in the hectic pace of our time. Not only does it play an important role in the life of an individual but it is also responsible for every change, development and for every progress.