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Designing Violence - Depiction of Violence in Film

"Hey, do you wanna see something?" // (Drive) "Washday" is a scenic experiment and surveys how smallest changes of depiction of violence in movies can affect the spectators impressions. As the different scenes illustrate, it is the variable influencing the distance rate between audience and film. That is very effective in particular. That means: narrative time, content, space and localization in reality (level of abstraction). The findings of the theoretical discussion and scenic experiment "Washday" are at the foundation of the shortfilm "maachn si sirchh äs b'kwäm!" ("make yourself at home"). The film aims at the paradox of increasing the spectators' affection by minimizing visible violence. The focus is hence on the imagination and expectation of the audience. // "Viddy well, little brother. Viddy well." (Clockwork Orange)