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Desierto de Tabernas

The Desierto de Tabernas is one of europe's driest places. Squeezed between Sierra Nevada and Alhamilla its rock formations, vast lands and parched ramblas are similar to north-american landscapes. Therefor moviemakers explored the area in the south of Spain as film location. Many famous spaghetti western - about 300 of them - were produced here. Sergio Leone's "Dollars Trilogy", the Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill films or Indiana Jones. Most of the movies needed special film sets: saloons, forts, western towns. But when the film crews left there was no more use for the cheap and shaky built settings. They were left aboned to itself and nature. Most of them couldn't stand the tough weather in the desert for long, today they remain as debris. But some of them brave the elements and are still used as new movie locations. Or as touristic attraction - with horses, cowboys and western music.