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Anthropocene Amber

Following a research on the "Anthropocene" (the Earth Age of Man), this master thesis deals with the idea of artifacts from the Anthropocene. Geologist draw conclusions on the history of the earth based on the composition of sediment layers, including their fossils and artifacts. As detailed as no other fossil, baltic amber offers an insight into a long-past epoch. Baltic amber is the petrified resin of conifers of a primeval forest, which must have connected the region of today's Baltic with Scandinavia 45-85 million years ago. Encapsulated in a special layer of rock, the translucent tree resin was able to preserve fragments of the flora and fauna of that time until this day. The project "Anthropocene Amber" is an attempt to create both persistent and transitory artifacts from coniferous resins, offering a view of temporal dimensions in the Anthropocene.