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An guth leochaileach - The fragile sound - a story about Ireland between language, landscape and identity

There are about 7000 languages worldwide. However, according to the forecast, more than half of these will be extinct by the end of the 21st century. Disappeared. A silence spreads beside us, of which we don‘t notice anything. Is the world community moving towards a linguistic monoculture and what are the consequences? Cultures are lost. Memories. Identities are beginning to crumble and collapse. And there is Ireland. Somewhere in between. A country rich in contrasts in historical, cultural and scenic terms. And in its tongue. Gaeilge, the Irish language, is full of peculiarities and ballast. Many stand up for its preservation and many more allegedly value it, but meet it at the end of the day with indifference. A story about the ambivalence between confession and reality. And many glimmers of hope.