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Development of a service for the reconstruction of the region of Aleppo

"Help for Aleppo" describes a concept for the reconstruction of the City Aleppo and its surrounding area, also known as the Mount Simeon District. To rebuild the city, not only the government but also small non-governmental organisations can have a fast impact. The Organisation helps selected farms. In return the farmers produce food. To distribute the goods, they need to build distribution stations all over the city. Citizens can register and then easily pick up their food. In return they get the chance to work for the farmers, the bakers or the NGO itself. So in three to for years farmers will be able to produce without external support, citizens will have jobs and shelter and the NGO will start replacing their employees with Syrian citizens. Instead of an NGO, there will be an independent administration of the District, coordinating the trade between the country and the City Aleppo.